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Millie Rose Stylish Golf Towels & Tennis Towels

Because who says golf towels have to be boring?! Millie Rose set out to create VELVETY SOFT, durable and SUPER STYLISH towels to add that POP OF COLOR to your game. You are sure to find JUST the right pattern for yourself, your teammate, or gift for a friend! Each towel is delicately crafted with the highest quality microfiber on the front side and 100% cotton on the back. TWO DIFFERENT MATERIALS ON ONE TOWEL! Our Millie Rose towels come with a convenient carabiner clip to hook on to your golf bag or tennis backpack.



I have a Millie Rose golf towel on my bag, and I just love the unique look and feel! I receive so many compliments and never hesitate to recommend to anyone who asks.

Having worked in the golf industry for over 20 years, it's rare to be impressed by a product that takes a fresh, whimsical approach to the sport without sacrificing quality or great customer service.

Millie Rose towels are now my go-to gifts for friends, family and colleagues.

I have been working with Jenn since she launched Millie Rose. I am so impressed by the quality of the towels and the colorful patterns. We carry them here in the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club and our members and guests love them! I also have one on my golf bag. They sell extremely well. Jenn is always a pleasure to work with.